There are over 150 videos (general workouts and tutorials), seminars, podcasts, Q&A, discussions and more here, to help our members and their families to develop their mental health, wellbeing, resourcefulness, awareness and Martial Arts ability.
There is also a large amount of FREE material. All we ask from you in return, is your name and email address which we will never share or pass on. You can opt out of updates at any time by clicking 'unsubscribe' at the foot of any email we send you. 

Brain Dojo is a platform designed for everyone and generally speaking, it's training for your brain and body!

Whilst a lot of content makes references to and draws on our experiences in Martial Arts, you don't have to be a Martial Artist to benefit from our content. If you would like to get the most from our physical contact, you will need either a small amount of Karate, Kickboxing or Muay Thai knowledge OR have completed one of our 8 week beginners courses.

(These courses can be purchased from the 'Online Martial Arts' page or they are included as part of our annual membership at no additional charge). 

Within Brain Dojo membership, you'll find video and audio content which covers things such as:

- Access to our archive of SHIELD unarmed safety training classes starting from week 1 introduction.

- Our weekly LIVE online 'SHIELD' unarmed safety training classes (available on demand subsequently).

- Access to our archive of 'Added Extras' combat arts cross training classes from week 1.

- Our weekly live 'Added Extras' classes for anyone looking for extra combat sports input.

- Online seminars and workshops held by Martial Arts instructors.

- Videos designed for people looking to start Martial Arts (what to expect from your first class, what to look for in a school, etc)

- 8 week Karate beginners course (included with 12 months membership).

- 8 week Kickboxing beginners course. (included with 12 month membership)

- Beginner Fitness and strength building videos (off the mark).

- Tutorial and idea videos which can help you to develop your Martial Arts technique and show you how to get the best from your training.

- Training your brain to think helpfully and constructively.

- Setting and achieving your happiness goals.

- Anti Bullying advice.

- Confidence Building.

- Health and Wellbeing.

- Fitness and Nutrition advice and discussions.

- Help topics, such as 'motivation'.

..and more!

What is Brain Dojo and who can Benefit From it?
Already a Martial Arts practitioner? 
No problem - here's how we can benefit you.

The Brain Dojo Podcast

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We chat to all types of people and discuss every day topics, including mental health, being productive, managing time, creating good habits, parenting, setting goals and much more.

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