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  • How strong are the Superstrike and Supercoach Pro products?
    We understand that many people will automatically have reservations about buying an inflatable training aid. Both our Superstrike and Supercoach have been rigourously tested in factories and across the World with the help of some of the biggest, heaviest and strongest fighters. We have never had a Superstrike or Supercoach fail on us because someone punched or kicked it too hard.
  • What should I do if my product gets a puncture?
    In the unlikely event that your product arrives with a puncture, we will replace it for free. Please ensure that you contact us immediatly so we can arrange this. If you accidentally damage the Superstrike and Supercoach Pro yourself, you can fix it (if able) with a puncture repair kit.
  • What is my Superstrike and/or Supercoach covered for in the product guarantee?
    Your Superstrike and/or Supercoach Pro is covered against failure if damage occurs as a result of a manufacturing defect. It is not covered against damaged caused by the following: - Puncture due to sharp objects such as jewellery. - Rupture due to being struck with shoes. - Pucture from being fixed to or rested on a surface which causes damage. Please remember, the Superstrike and Supercoach are training tools. They are not designed to be jumped on or 'tested' to see just how strong they are.
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