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About Richard

The Brain Dojo online platform has been created as both a 'stepping stone' to starting Martial Arts training and a supplement for existing Martial Arts practitioners. It is also a great place to get some basic safety training (what is often referred to as self defence).

The platform is designed to help both those individuals interested in Martial Arts training but are perhaps unsure, nervous, have a busy/irregular schedule, are not financially comfortable  or not feeling confident enough to visit a local school and those people who already train in the Arts but would like some extra input and training ideas. 

Brian Dojo also has lots of information which will benefit individuals who are looking for a resource to enable them to become physically more healthy, emotionally stronger and interpersonally more resourceful, yet have no interest in Martial Arts or safety training. 

It was initially created by Richard Vince (8th Dan) to provide people who wanted more Information, detail and substance than they could pick up in group training sessions with some extra information.


It has been developed from that initial concept with the help of Maisie Emmerson (4th Dan), to provide more and more information relating to many aspects of physical, mental and relationship training.


Richard began training in Martial Arts in 1978 and went on to represent England and Gt. Britain at 19 international Karate events, before switching to Kickboxing and going on to win British, European and World Kickboxing titles in the Super Heavyweight category.  

Richard has, since 1980 been running a full time Martial Arts academy. During that time, he has come to understand that Martial Arts Tuition (Karate, Kickboxing, Muay Thai and other formats) are fantastic vehicles to enable students to learn so much more than simply the physical techniques. Martial Arts is, for many, the vehicle to develop a strong mind, a fit healthy body, resourceful thinking and great interpersonal skills. With Brain Dojo he has provided a way for individuals to become aware of and master those skills.

Richard provides an online 'Empty Hand' class live (and on demand) each week. 

YouTube link here: 


Brain Dojo

Brain Dojo is platform available to everyone, regardless of age, gender and ability.

It is designed to develop fitness amongst all levels, develop Martial Arts knowledge and ability (if this is something that interests you) and develop your mind.

We are becoming more aware of our mental health and how much it can affect or day to day lives, whether it be positively or negatively.

Find out more about how Brain Dojo can help to calm you, relax your mind and body and open up potential new ways of thinking to you.

Click here to find out more.

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