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50 classes available on demand for your safety & enjoyment

We have recorded 50 live 'SHIELD' workouts that will improve fitness and your ability to stay safe and each one is available to our members/supporters.

We know that any type of training needs to be enjoyable or it won't be practiced with enthusiasm and energy. 

We know that, unless its practiced regularly and with enthusiasm, it won't become a skill.

We know that you will (probably) never need to use these techniques/skills to stay safe, so we focus that energy and enthusiasm to also create a better level of health & fitness for yourself.

Then, even if you NEVER have to use these skills to stay safe, you will still draw great benefit from the practice. 

So learn with a sense of fun and enjoy expanding your knowledge.  

Below is an introductory class to give you an insight into our training. 

We have also placed the first 2 classes in this ongoing series below for you to enjoy free of charge.

If you do choose to become a supporter, we even offer you the first 30 days free of charge. 

Please ensure you are warmed up and ready to participate in physical activity before the class begins. 

Make sure you are wearing suitable clothing and footwear to participate. Have a drink to hand to maintain hydration throughout the workout.

If, at any point, you feel unwell it is strongly advised that you stop participation and seek medical advice. 

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