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The Superstrike Pro

When a conventional 'heavy bag' is struck, all of the energy from the kick or punch is absorbed by the bag and the striking limb is brought to a brief halt. 

Often, this is a sudden and abrupt halt that places stress on the bones of the body where the strike occurs and the joints of that limb.


Thanks to the Pneumatic Energy Dissipation System (P.E.D.S) which runs throughout the Supercombat Range, striking energy is dispersed around the Superstrike, creating striking comfort and ensuring maximum muscle workout.


The Superstrike fits to any standard doorframe in your home, wall edge, tree in the park, fence post, pillar in a gym and MANY more locations!


It is lightweight, fully portable, quick to inflate and durable enough to withstand the strongest punch, kick, elbow or knee! 

RRP £69.00


The Supercoach Pro

The 'Supercoach Pro' is an innovative coaching tool that will allow fighters to push themselves in a way that has never before been possible.


The 'Supercoach' is worn on the torso by the coach/instructor/trainer in the same manner as a conventional belly pad. This however, is where any similarity with a conventional belly pad ends. 


Utilise the 'Supercoach' in conjunction with focus mitts or Thai pads and it allows the freedom to move around effortlessly taking even the most powerful of kicks, punches, knees and elbows with little or no effect.


Used in conjunction with boxing gloves, it allows a fighter to 'spar' with the coach using full power body shots. Thus bringing training much more closely in line with competition or real life.  


Our 'PEDS' (Pneumatic Energy Dissipation System) ensures that every blow which lands on the 'Supercoach Pro' is dissipated quickly and effectively, thus providing the very best protection for the wearer. We know of no other piece of equipment that allows this level of training to coach and fighter.  


To understand this much more, click the button below to watch the Supercoach in action!

RRP £69.00

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