Choose Your Brain Dojo Membership Plan

  • Slo & Low Karate

    Every month
    Slow Practice with low kicks for Health & Mobility
     30 day free trial
    • Karate movements performed in a 'Tai Chi' style
    • Enjoy gentle movement without impact or risk of injury.
    • Perfect gentle hobby for mobility and interest
    • Weekly training online (live & on demand)
    • New classes added weekly
  • Shield Membership

    Every month
    Perfect for self defence & fitness beginners
     30 day free trial
    • Unlimited access to all Shield classes since June 2021
    • Step by step self defence instruction.
    • A workout that increases both fitness & safety
    • New classes added weekly
    • Classes between 30 & 40 minutes.
  • SHIELD Annual Member

    Every year
    Save 20% annually on SHIELD
    • Access to all live and 'on demand' SHIELD classes.
  • Slo & Lo Karate

    Every year
    Slow karate practice with low kicks. Pay annually save 20%
    • All Slo & Lo Karate live and 'on demand' classes.
  • Beginner Karate

    8 week beginner online Karate course
    • Full access to the beginner online Karate course.
    • This course is included FREE with annual BD membership (£69)
  • Beginner Kickboxing

    8 week beginner online Kickboxing/Muay Thai course
    • Full access to the Kickboxing/Muay Thai 8 week course.
    • This course is included FREE with annual BD membership (£69)
  • Ultimate Beginner

    Access to two 8 week online beginner courses.
    • 8 week online Karate beginner course.
    • 8 week online Kickboxing/Muay Thai beginner course.
    • Included FREE when you purchase annual BD membership for £69
  • Full Access

    Every month
    Become a member and receive full access to all products
     30 day free trial
    • Access to all video material such as seminars and workshops.
    • Fitness and nutrition discussion videos.
    • Access to our vast library of online training classes
    • Access to all podcasts.
    • Access to the Brain Dojo Blog.
    • Weekly 'Shield Training' classes (self defence)
    • Weekly 'Slo & Low' Karate training (Tai Chi style)
  • Annual Memberships

    Every year
    A perfect gift or just a great way to save 27%
     30 day free trial
    • Unlimited access to ALL Brain Dojo material.
    • Access to our 8 week Karate/Kickboxing beginner courses
    • 'Added Extras' live (or on demand) online sessions.
    • Access to ALL of our Shield Class archive
  • Free Membership

    A free account offers access to podcasts and some videos
    Free Plan
    • Access to our podcasts.
    • Access to our other free videos.
    • Access to the Brain Dojo Blog.
    • Access to the first 'Shield Training' class
    • Access to the first 'Added Extras' class.
    • Access first week of the Karate beginners course
    • Access to first of the Kickboxing/Muay Thai beginners course