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This valuable eBook will ensure that you have all the information you could ever need in order to ensure that you are never the victim of bullying. 

A word from Richard Vince - "I have been a Karate and Kickboxing coach since 1980 and, in that time, I have helped literally hundreds of people to overcome bullying by taking responsibility for their own lives. 

I have worked on the doors of night clubs, pubs and discoteques and witnessed many, many instances of intimidation from initiation through to fulfillment. In this book I will explain to you how to;

1. Not be identified as a potential victim.

2. What to do if you ever are identified as one (if you forget to carry out my instructions).

3. Simple ways to immediately end the process of a bully trying to manipulate you into being a victim. 


My instructions don't need the co-operation of bullies, its all about YOU taking more control over your life and your outcomes. Order now for your immediate download and to begin to change the direction of your life."

Nobody Picks on Me Now (eBook)

  • Download in PDF format.

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